Student 'live project' at Kensal House, London

The LSA have recently launched an ATELIER, a practice-research centre in the School which focuses on practice based opportunities for staff and students. For this first project, student volunteers are assisting senior lecturer Geralding Dening with a research project for a youth theatre company who are based at Kensal House.

The community hall at the bottom of the smaller block by the main road is currently being used by the company who do site specific performances, the most recent one being about the history of the estate itself, performed in situ by young people from the estate and the surrounding area.  The youth theatre company will be submitting a proposal to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding to renovate this building.

Project lead tutor: Geraldine Dening

Volunteers: Nick Pocock, Bettina Chernicoski, Shuntaro Shao, Gabriel Cordeiro Gomes & Andresa Montenegro Lima

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