Professor Quek judges International Competition in Taiwan

Professor Raymond Quek (Head of School) is the Chair of the international jury for the 2014 CCU International Climate Adaptation Design Ideas Competition, hosted by the Chinese Culture University (CCU), Taiwan. Competiton entries have been received from around the world, and judging takes place in Taipei between 24-27 June 2014.

In addition, Prof. Quek will be giving a lecture 'Weltbaumeister: Philosophical Re-considerations of Neo-Climatic Design for Planet World' at Chinese Culture University (CCU), Taiwan.

Prof. Quek with Prof. Wolfgang Dickhaut of Hafen City University Hamburg, a water resources and engineering expert, and Chung-Ping Wang of C.Y. Lee & Partners ( Architect of Taipiei 101, the super skyscraper in Taiwan). This was an Ideas competition looking at adaptive built environment design in coastal communities affected by storm surge. The top three winning entries, and seven honourable mentions were selected. Entries were received from around the world.


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