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As part of HOME, an ambitious programme of creative residences and commissions in cliftonville, Kent in 2014/15, architect and senior lecturer Sam Causer in collaboration with the Colombian artists Vividero Colectivo have researched the evolving role of the landscape and architecture of the English seaside in the expression and repression of the body, gender and sexuality. As a result of their artistic research they conceived the BLUSHING PAVILION - a series of events including a temporary intervention at the seafront shelter in Palm Bay, Cliftonville.

The shelter will host a two-day exhibition inspired by Margate and Cliftonville's vibrant contributions to this aspect of the UK's culture, featuring historic material from Thanet District Council's collection and other sources, contemporary art works, recorded testimonies and a night-time light display. In addition to the exhibition, there will be two community-orientated activities that aim to highlight the relevance of this topic to our ongoing cultural heritage.

21 February 2015

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