Dovelands Primary School - DMU Square Mile Project

Student volunteers from the School have participated in a Summer project as part of the Univerity's award-winning Square Mile project which connects De Montfort University with the local community. The project is part of the Leicester Atelier , the practice-research centre within the School. The team comprising of undergraduate students and Science without Borders students (SWB) from Brazil, has been analysing and proposing changes to Dovelands Primary School in Leicester. Basic surveying and design work has been completed and a design report for the School will be compiled over coming weeks by SWB students. Here the student volenteers can be seen at the 'end of project' celebratory lunch at a local restaurant.

Project lead tutor: Neil Stacey

Student design-researchers (not all of them are in the photo): Helena Magalhães Gomes Garcia (SWB); Leonardo Gobbi Ferreira (SWB); Thaís Fuchs de Carvalho Silva (SWB); Caroline Muraro (SWB); Aline Moreira Fernandes Barata (SWB); Anisha Meggi; Elvin Demiri; Masi Ebadi; Michael Milne; Ryan Gorman; Sara Hesham; Sohail Gill; Vitalijs Mihejevs; Tsvetan Hristov; Zoe Mak

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